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Planning the perfect Buckhorn getaway is easy. Our Visitor Information Centres along the way, we’re waiting to point you in the right direction.

Voyage Through the Ages
As if a Group of Seven painting came to life; majestic and ancient pine trees dot the sapphire blue shoreline of an ancient and pristine lake; where atop a 20 foot glacial rock the Mississauga Indian held ancient council meetings centuries before the Pioneers stumbled upon the pristine and bountiful area.  

Touch history and step back in time,  Council Rock remains as it did in the time of the indigenous peoples; and awaits you on the shores of the Buckhorn Rapids


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Founding Father
John Hall, the first settler of the area (1827), constructed a dam and sawmill in 1830.  John Hall's collection of deer antlers, which he proudly displayed on the outside walls of his mills gave rise to the name  - Buckhorn.

It wasn't until 1936 the hamlet became officially recognized as by its present name.

John Hall died in1883 at the age of 96 years, but not before he gave every female in Hall's Bridge (Buckhorn) a plot of land to build a home in order to encourage the continuing growth of the hamlet; and with the regions rich folklore surrounding love and lovers, combined with the natural splendour of the area it is no wonder the hamlet flourished.


Legend and Mystery
Legend has it that if you make your way down ‘Adam and Eve Road’; on the north side you will find two large glacial rocks; and if a young couple can hold hands and each touch one of the rocks  their lives will be blessed.  

Sandy Lake, also known as "Lake of Spirits" is land locked and does not have a feeder river; but water continually flows out of the lake and down Sandy Creek into Buckhorn Lake.   But where does the water come from -  if there is no river to feed Sandy Lake?  Possibly from the "Giants Heart".  Visible only  from Lakehurst Road there can be found a large, heart shaped rock known as the ‘Giants Heart’, where on calm days ripples of water form and flow over the rock, causing it to appear as though it was actually beating.


Excitement Awaits!
By water or hiking trail; exploring the Buckhorn area brings delightful discoveries at each turn and every corner. Choose from activities such as:


Bird Watching
Nature Trails



Where to Stay and What to Do
The Buckhorn area is rich in culture with its many art galleries, antique stores and  flea markets with hundreds of world class cultural events and attractions to choose from each season of the year.  Accommodations ranging from luxury resorts to woodland campgrounds to suit every taste and every need await your arrival.

Discover the natural beauty, rich history and timeless splendour of one of Ontario’s historical communities.

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Adam & Eve Rocks
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