Winter Getaways
Planning the perfect Buckhorn getaway is easy. Our Visitor Information Centres along the way, we’re waiting to point you in the right direction.

Our new Welcome Centre is open for business!



Located next to the LCBO facility at the only set of stop lights in town, is our brand new to 2011 Welcome Centre. Be sure to visit our welcome centre when in Buckhorn to learn about the services our beautiful area has to offer. Please note that our centre has limited hours. Check here to see the hours the centre is open.



2011 Buckhorn District Tourist Association


Full of valuable information on visiting the Buckhorn district, our magazine is the authoritative resource.


The BDTA 2011 Magazine

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also ... going on in Buckhorn is:


  • High Speed Internet is in many areas of Buckhorn! Service can be achieved via DSL or Wireless. Contact your ISP and inquire!

    For a great list of events in the area, visit the Buckhorn Community Centres website or Facebook page.

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    Millstones to Honour the Memory of John Hall.
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