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Churches in the Buckhorn Area

St. Matthew & St. Aidan Anglican Church
St. Matthew Anglican Church first appeared as a frame building in 1896 on Lot 9. Con. 9 of Harvey Township.

The actual Dedication and Thanksgiving took place on September 28th, 1897 after the frame structure received its brick exterior.

Over a century has passed and today St. Matthew is known as St. Matthew and St. Aidan (this took place in 1998, after the
closing of St. Aidan's of Young's Point). The stain glass window from St. Aidan's was installed at St. Matthew's in 1999.


This beautiful window is lit up in the evening and can be viewed from Lakehurst Road. By daylight it can be viewed inside the church facing the stain glass window in the Sanctuary installed in 1935 and donated by the Willis family and friends in memory of Eleanor Dean and her brother Major William Dean M.C.R.E. Come and visit our pretty little church on the hill and witness first hand a part of Buckhorn's history.

Location: Right across from the Locks in Buckhorn.
Time of Worship: Sunday 10:00 a.m. (all year)
Phone: Warden Nancy Dunlop (705) 657-3638

St. Jean de Brebeuf Catholic Church
In the 1880's the first Masses were celebrated alternating between the homes of the Pluard and McGuire families.

In 1931, under the guidance of Reverend John Garvey, pastor of Saint Paul the Apostle in Lakefield, Saint Jean de Brebeuf was built on the scenic County Road 36 in Harvey township. During the pastorship of Reverand James Houlihan (1956 - 1967) the main body of the church was extended. From 1989 to 1993 Reverend Monsignor John Pearson was pastor.  

The residents and summer visitors celebrated the 60th anniversary of saint jean de brebeuf and the refurbishing included a sanctuary with the Reserved Sacrament, a Shrine of Our Lady and a nave depicting the patron in a circular stain glass window. From 1993 to 1995, while Reverend Wally Mucha was pastor, there were renovations to the front porch, steeple and pews.

The parishoners have always worked tirelessly to refurbish and maintain Saint Jean de Brebeuf. This year they have enlarged the parking lot to accommodate the numerous summer parishioners who return year after year to this beautiful little church.

Location: County Road 36 in Harvey township
Time of Worship: All year long, Saturday Evenings 5:00 p.m. July 1st Weekend to Labour Day weekend, Sunday 9:00 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.

Knox Presbyterian Church
Prior to 1870, the Knox congregation met in the local school in Lakehurst. Later that decade a log church was built. In 1883, the land was deeded at the to the Presbyterian Church at the present site.

In 1893 a brick church was raised by local farmers who donated their time. The lumber was ferried across Gannons Narrows. The dedication and naming took place on October 10, 1893. Architecturally, the church is unchanged since that time. In 1952, Hydro was installed, In 1974 an oil furnace replaced the wood stoves.

Knox was combined with Buckhorn and Rockroft Churches. On their closing, Knox joined Warsaw and Lakefield 3 point charge. The minister's chair is a 'carving and red plush' gem from Buckhorn Presbyterian. The baptismal front is beautifully crafted from local oak. Quilted, crocheted and hand-stitched work grace the walls.  


A Ladies Aid and Women's Missionary Society has worked continuously from early years, in Community work, supporting home and overseas missions and a complete church service yearly. The Christmas Candlelight service for the community has been held annually since 1962.

Location: In Lakehurst, 731 Lakehurst Road - between Gannon's Narrow's and Buckhorn.

Time of Worship: Open first Sunday in April to the last Sunday of October, Sunday service is 9:00 A.M. From April to October.
Minister: Rev. W. J. Bynum, B.A., M. Div. (Since 1991)

Wesley United Church

Wesley Church was erected in Confederation Year, 1867 as a Methodist Church and was part of the Halls Bridge Mission.

The Mission included Wesley, Harvey, Sandy Lake, and the Indian Mission of Mud Lake (now Curve Lake). In 1898 The Wesley Circuit was established as Wesley, Lakehurst and Mud Lake Village. When Church Union took place in 1925 the Wesley Circuit still existed and these three churches became part of the new United Church of Canada.


In more recent years the Wesley circuit became the Buckhorn (NM) Pastoral Charge. Lakehurst United Church discontinued services in 1997. Wesley United Church is now home to approximately 50 families. Each year Wesley hosts a Strawberry Supper, usually the Friday preceding Canada Day and a Turkey Supper, usually on a Friday evening in early October

Location: Corner of County Road 23 (formerly Hwy. 507) and Curve Lake Road. South of Buckhorn
Phone: (705) 657-9808
Time of Worship: Sunday 10:00 a.m.(all year)
Sunday School: Sunday 10:00 a.m.
Minister: Mr. Kenneth Lawton

Curve Lake United Church
The Curve Lake Community Church was erected in 1990-92 after the former United Church was condemned. The United Church of Canada (formerly Methodist Church) has been holding services in Curve Lake Village since the mid 1800's. Curve Lake United Church is a First Nations Ministry with the doxology being sung in Ojibwe and also some prayers are sometimes given in Ojibwe.

Location: At the main intersection in Curve Lake Village. Follow Curve Lake west from County Road 23 (previously known as highway 507).
Phone: (705) 657-9808
Time of Worship: Sunday 11:30 a.m.(all year)
Sunday School: Sunday 12:00 noon (September to May)
Minister: Mr. Kenneth Lawton

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Millstones to Honour the Memory of John Hall.
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